Attorney Appointment for Children

In actions with contested issues involving child custody, child access, or the amount of support of the minor child, one or both parties may file with the Court a motion to appoint child counsel.  Child’s counsel may serve as a child advocate attorney, a best interest attorney and/or child’s privilege attorney.  For additional information, please contact the Family Services Coordinator.

Supervised Visitation Program 

For All Seasons, Inc. provides court ordered supervised visitation and monitored exchanges for families in Kent Counties for minor children and their non-custodial parent.  The Family Visitation Center is open once a week on alternating Wednesdays from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. and two (2) slots and every other Sunday afternoon from 1 to 5 pm and four (4), two-hour slots are available for supervised visits.  Intake interviews are scheduled and conducted during the hours of operation.

An intake interview for each party is required.  To schedule an interview, contact the For All Seasons at 410-714-1411, and leave a message that includes your contact information and a few available Sunday and/or Wednesdays dates that you are available.

The visiting parent's fee is twenty-five dollars ($25) for the intake interview.  The visiting parent pays thirty dollars ($30) for each two-hour visit.

Monitored exchange is another visitation service available and is available during the same day and time the Center is open. Each parent pays Ten Dollars ($10) to exchange and return the child for a visit or five dollars ($5) per exchange or per return. Payment is due at the time of each exchange.

Settlement Conferences

Parties and their attorneys appear before a Retired Second Circuit Judge for a settlement conference on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at ten o’clock (10 am) at the Kent County Courthouse, first floor, located at 103 N. Cross Street, Chestertown, MD 21620.  If the case settles, attorneys and clients may enter the agreement “on the record” or submit a written agreement and/or order to the court.  A merits hearing is set for cases that do not settle.

Home Study Investigations

By Court Order, the Kent County Department of Social Services (KCDSS) conducts home study investigations of one or both parties who live in Kent County, Maryland.  The investigator prepares a written report of findings for filing with the Court.  A fee of Two Hundred Dollars ($200) is charged and must bepaid in advance and directly to KCDSS before the investigation will begin.  KCDSS requires sixty days (60) to complete.  When a criminal background check is required, KCDSS will coordinate that process and include it in its report to the court for an additional fee of eighty-five dollars ($85).

Private home study investigations are also used.

Substance Use Assessments

Court-ordered Substance Abuse Assessments are conducted by Kent County Behavioral Health (KCBH), Outpatient Addictions Services, located at A.F. Whittsett Center, 300 Scheeler Road, P.O. Box 229, Chestertown, MD.  A substance abuse assessment may include but not limited to: random urinalysis, interviews, and other diagnostic tools, and where warranted a recommended treatment plan. You must allow two (2) hours to complete the assessment. Walk-in appointments are available every day Monday through Thursday between 1:00 pm and 1:15 p.m. sharp! You may schedule an appointment by calling (410) 778-2616 ext. 3269.

Each party is responsible for the cost of their own substance abuse assessment. Many insurance plans are accepted. Your financial arrangements must be made in one of these ways: Proof of income Bring documents such as a pay stub statement, W-2 form, tax return, disability, or unemployment statement; or if you are unemployed, then you must bring a letter from the person who supports you stating the amount and the duration of support;

  1. If you have health insurance or medical assistance, you must bring your medical card;
  2. If you are not working and do not have insurance, then you must apply for Primary Adult Care (PAC) insurance to be seen and this requires you to bring the following documents to complete the application:
    1. A Birth Certificate;
    2. Photo Identification; and,
    3. A letter from whoever is supporting you while you are at of work.  Please bring Eight Dollars Fifty Cents ($8.50) for payment on your urinalysis.

Recovery in Motion Brochure-
Kent County Health Department -
Crossroads Community Inc-
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Mental Health Evaluation

Where a party’s mental health is at issue, the Court may order a mental health evaluation by a psychologist which may include but not limited to the following: psychological testing, interviews, other diagnostic tools, review of prior mental health treatment records, and other health-related records.  A final report is filed and sealed by the Court. The average cost for a mental health evaluation is Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000).